About Us

This page has grown out of our affiliated Bike Development and Rider Training company, Race Dynamics.

Race Dynamics was founded by Al Samuels in 2005 when he identified a need to help people not only get into racing, but discover and understand the principles to riding fast without fighting the bike. Over time he grew tired of being let down by various aftermarket parts. 

This website is Race Dynamics exclusive recommended products page. All of these products have been selected based on our experience using them in various Championships around the world. 

They all meet our exacting standards for simplicity, fit, finish, durability and design excellence. Every one of these products will do exactly as you expect and will fit perfectly. We guarantee it. 

Aim Sports Systems

What about tuning?

Peak horsepower is cool but power without usable delivery isn't fast! Anyone can ride a Dyno, very few people can tune a bike. Our bikes consistently top the speed traps and our riders hold numerous lap records. Need a tune?
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