Existing design for complete fairing decal

Add this item to the chart if you would like to order bodywork with a pre-applied decal design using one of our existing, amazing-looking decals designs and take away the stress of dealing with a designer, painting, and applying the decal design yourself.

How to order an existing design for a complete fairing decal

  1. Add this item to the chart.
  2. Browse the existing decal designs available for your bike in the Decal designs gallery and choose your favorite.
  3. At the checkout, paste the link to the decal design you like the most in the Order notes.
  4. Once we receive the order, we will contact you and discuss the details, so no worries, as we will define everything in detail in the next step.


If you are ordering a decal design for avio fiber fairing, you need to add to the chart a painting option that you can find inside your bike’s configurator. Do so for each avio part you wish to order, and then you’ll have added to the chart as decal designs can be applied only on painted avio fairings.


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