Personalized design for complete fairing decal

Add this item to the chart if you would like to order bodywork with a pre-applied decal design 100% personalized according to your wishes.

You can start with existing designs and use them as the inspiration for creating your own or create your design from scratch, using your imagination, sample images, and the help of our designer.

This completely personalized service is ideal for:

  • race teams who require the use of their logo and the inclusion of team sponsor logos on the fairing.
  • passionate racers who wish to look outstanding and fabulous on their unique-looking bike.


How to order a personalized design for a complete fairing decal

  1. Add this item to the chart.
  2. Download the Paint & Design form, fill it out, and send it to us together with your ideas and sample images if you have them.
  3. Once we receive your order, our team will contact you shortly to discuss your wishes, requirements, and possibilities.
  4. Our designer will work with you every step of the way to create your dream design.



If you are ordering a decal design for avio fiber fairing, you need to add to the chart a painting option that you can find inside your bike’s configurator. Do so for each avio part you wish to order, and then you’ll have added to the chart as decal designs can be applied only on painted avio fairings.


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